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I, the renter, understand that all rates are based on the US Dollar and are for accommodations including use of utilities, furnishing and linens.  Damage to the premises, lost or stolen items will be assessed above rental fees. It is understood that if the renter is found willfully and knowingly damaging or defacing the property, or allowing it to be done, disturbing the peace of the community, the renter is in violation of the agreement and therefore is trespassing without the owners’ permission and is subject to eviction.  In the event of eviction, no refunds will be given.  Any injuries incurred on or off the rental property are not responsibility of the owners of Kas Bientu Di Pasat.

Kas Bientu Di Pasat can accommodate a maximum amount of 6 people.  In the event it is found that more than 6 people are co-habitating at this villa, the owner or the owner’s representative has the immediate right to request removal of all renters immediately.  NO refund will be given.  Also, in the event the amount of people is misrepresented by the renter (up to 6 ppl), then the amount of $25.00 per person per night will be charged along with the $5.50 per person per night tourism tax.

Reservations and Deposits

  1. Reservations will be held for 7 days after confirmation by phone, fax or email.  A deposit of 30% of the total balance is required to confirm your booking.  In the event the deposit is not received within the 7-day period, the phone, fax or email reservation will automatically cancel and the timeframe will NOT be guaranteed.
  2. The outstanding balance will be due 60 days prior to arrival. (Should we not receive the balance prior to 6 weeks before your scheduled reservation, the reservation will automatically be cancelled and your deposit forfeited).
  3. In the event the reservation is made 1-60 days prior to arrival than the total amount is due with reservation.
  4. Payments may be made via cashier’s check, money order or credit card at Paypal ( ) The PayPal email address is or by wire transfer (wire details upon request.) Personal checks accepted for payments 60 days or more before the starting rental date.  Returned checks subject to cancellation of reservation for non-payment and a $50 returned check fee to cover bank charges.
  5.  The general agreement of departure time is 9:00 am unless there is no changing of guests that day. We will attempt to accommodate later departures as best as possible on that day.
  6. The general agreement of arrival time is 1:00 pm unless there is no changing of guests that day. We will attempt to accommodate earlier arrivals as best as possible on that day.
  7. Please advise of any changes to your flight and arrival details.
  8. Cancellation Terms

  9. Cancellations will go into effect as of the date that written noticed is received by our office.
  10. Cancellations made prior to 60 days prior to the arrival date, will result in forfeit of 30% of the total reservation amount.
  11. Cancellations made less than 60 days prior to the arrival date will result in a forfeit of 80% of the reservation amount.

Note: we do not charge any additional service fees or credit card fees.

We want you to enjoy your stay and to return in the future as a Triskadekaphile*. 
Please tell us what we can do to maximize your Bonaire experience


* Triskadekaphile - lover of #13


Kas Bientu Di Pasat Rental Agreement
Lighthouse Beach Resort #13
Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles
US Phone +1 781-784-1732

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